California 1986

Kiermeet 1986 was the first international Kjærulf meeting. It was held in Solvang, California, USA.


Kjærulfs from Canada, USA, and Belgium


Kiermeet 1982 was actually the first ever North American gathering of people whose common bond was that they had descended from Anders Ulff who settled in the county of Kjaer in Denmark about 600 years ago. At the time that Cap Kierulff of Los Angeles decided to bring a handful of Kjaerulfs together for a small gathering in Solvang, California against an appropriate Scandinavian/Viking backdrop, little did he dream that he started something much larger than he expected. Cap wrote about 30 Kjaerulffs to meet him in Solvang in the summer of 1982. About 45 replied, but when the appointed date arrived, over 70 showed up, all Californians.

Flushed with the success of the first reunion, Cap was determined to stage another one four years later in 1986. This time, attendees came from all over the United States, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Norway. Kiermeet 1986 truly was the first international gathering of the family. Some Kjaerulfs met other Kierulffs for the first time while some met other Kierulfs who they knew but had not seen in years. If there was any complaint or criticism of Kiermeet '86 it was that the gathering was too short. The attendees wanted more time to be with each other and to get to know each other better. During their short time together, cousins bonded, making the goodbyes very emotionally charged. Many were determined to meet again. And so they did, some at other times, and some at Kiermeet 1990.

<Rick Kierulf>



Left to right: Frantz Kjaerulf (DK) Janet & Rick Kierulf (CAN)


154 Kjærulfs signed up for KIERMEET 1986 (76 attended in 1982 )

Grouped by BRANCH NUMBER, Klitgaard Page Number:

NORWAY pg # Klitgaard 109: Christian & Grete Kierulf NORWAY

PHILIPPINES 120: Henry, Barbara Kierulf, Rick, Janet Kierulf, OHIO & CANADA, Cynthia & Dionisio Armada, Paul Gapay & Friend, NEW YORK,

Sylvia & Milagros Garaygay & 3 Family, NEW YORK, Mateo & Remedios Kierulf, Anita & Jason Paule, OAKLAND,CALIF, Angelita & Anthony Kierulf, Mateo II & Elsa Kierulf, " Ann & Magdalena & Vicente Despi, Marelak Kierulf, "Trinidad & Constantino II Sayson OAKLAND, CALIF

DENMARK 135: Erik & Shirley Karoll, Jonathan & David SO. CALIF, Birte & Jacques Mathieu, Peter & Carla ANTWERP, BELGIUM, Helen Swanson & Ebba Hamilton MICHIGAN, Clark & Loretta Kjarulff MISSISSIPPI

NORWAY 137: Doris Hauge & friend Zelma BAKERSFIELD, CALIF, Betty & George Falkner SEATTLE, WASH


Families Hepworths, Cochran, Davis and Carras


DENMARK 184: Kay Carras & son Anthony LAGUNA BCH, CALIF, Diane & Tim Price & Veronica & Charlie PASADENA, CALIF, Annabelle & Tom Baskin STOCKTON, CALIF, Donna & Mel Cochran, Noel, Paul, Karen RIVERSIDE, CALIF, Debbie Hepworth, Ryan & Jensine "

NORWAY 202: Erik Hofft Kierulf BERGEN, NORWAY

NORWAY 224: Ed II, Molly Kierulff, Dennis, Richard ANAHEIM, CALIF, Debbie Stevenson, Michelle & Michael ", Fred & Joan Kierulff, Jeffrey, Eric & Shayne ", Ed III & Donna Kierulff, Kristy, Kyle, Kory & Kara ", Mary Joyce Urbina & Richard Matteson ARIZONA, Cynthia Mohr & daughter Gabrielle ", Amanda Mendez & son Nacho ", Pamela Navarro & son Harck LOS ANGELES, Viola Greene & sigter Patricia Macy TEXAS & NEBRASKA, David & Debbie Greene, Sarah & Andrew ", Rose Zahller & sister Geneva Kierulff SAN DIEGO, CALIF


Family Dinner Speech


NORWAY 201: Erik & Ada Paulsen CULVER CITY, CALIF

NORWAY 202: Hannah Berg (Mrs Vilhelm) Kierulf OSLO, NORWAY

NORWAY 226: Dudley Jordan & Ada Kierulff OAKLAND, CALIF, Barbara Cummings, Bryan & Kathy Fenger NO. CALIF, Stuart & Mary Kierulff PIEDMONT, CA, Sandra & Allan Mueller & son Andreas PIEDMONT, CA, Pamela Hoedel MONTANA, Patsy & Don Goumeniouk NO. CALIF

Lisa van Zyll de Jong & friend NO. CALIF, Dudley Edward Holmes Kierulff SO. CALIF

NORWAY 227: Elizabeth & Charles Hauser NO. CALIF, Frances Muriel Kierulff SO. CALIF, Charlene Meeker & Claude Moran NO. CALIF

Sheri & Jess Kraus, Jennifer & Kaylie SO. CALIF, Charlotte Dawn & Otto Karl Zielke NO. CALIF, Cap & Barbara Kierulff LOS ANGELES

Steve Kierulff & son Benjamin SAN DIEGO, CALIF, Nancy & Bill Lamb, Jason & Jeffrey ARCADIA, CALIF, Bonnie & Ed Edward OCEANSIDE, CALIF

DENMARK 230: Pernille Kierulff-Hansen & Henrik Hansen DK & SIBERIA

DENMARK 231: Lars Kierulff & dau Allison & mother, Margit LOS ANGELES, Kathy & Rick Corless, Rick III & Andrew SO. CALIF, Martin Richart Spager COPENHAGEN, DK

DENMARK 331: Peter Kjaerulff & mother Hanne COPENHAGEN, DK

DENMARK 427: Ruth Else Kjaerulff-Lassen Korondy SO. CALIF, Frantz 'Frantzisco' Nils Kjaerulff GREECE & DK

DENMARK 431: Else Gregersen & sister Elinor Jacobsen KBH, DK, Niel & Cheryle Kierulff & son Dane OREGON, Jean & Tracy Evans) SANTA MARIA, CALIF

and a representative of the DANISH PRESS: Arne & Lillian Myggen CHATSWORTH, CALIF


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