Denmark 1990

In 1990 Kiermeet was held in Denmark

Kjærulfs at Danish/American 4th of July Festivities

Some of the highlights from Kiermeet90:

July 1st: Family dinner for 200 Kjærulfs in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

July 2nd: Guided Tour of Copenhagen

July 3rd: Ferry to Jutland, 170 Kjærulfs in ceremony in Overlade Church (Kjærulf church), visit to Vitskjøl Cloister ruins (Kjærulf place), Family dinner in Randers.

July 4th: Visit to "Fogedgaard" (Anders Wulffs farm), participation in Danish-American 4th of July festivities in Rebild Bakker.

Memories of Kiermeet90:

Overlade church: Janet Kierulff, Canada and Mette Kierulff-Mortensen, Denmark on the culpit in Overlade Church watching the candlestick from 1776 carrying the Kjærulf and the Benzon crest.

Overlade church: A sermon was held for the Kjærulf family. The Parish council had the village decorated with flags and the church decorated with flowers. The vicar's words, the hymns and songs were heard in both English and Danish.

Hvorup church: it was built around 1200 and the Kjærulf wolf-mark was cut into a chuch chair in 1652. MN means Mikkel Nielsen Kierulv who was the church warden for many years.

Vitskøl Cloister: In the magnificent cloister south of Løgstør at Limfjorden in Northern Jutland several tombstones are found in the floor for members of the Kjærulf family. On the mantelpiece in the main livingroom the remains of the family crest with the jumping wolf can be found in red. Painted approx. 1720.