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1 – 7 JULY 2002



Kiermeet2002 is an exciting family reunion in Iceland for all descendants of Anders Kjærulff who settled in Denmark around 1400. Kjærulfs from Iceland and the rest of the world will meet for 7 inspiring days with the common feature that we are all related to each other.

 Program for Kiermeet in Iceland from 1 – 7 July 2002







Monday 07-01

Afternoon or evening (tbd)

Flight Copenhagen (Denmark) to Keflavik (Iceland), flying time 3h10 – time difference 2 hours – all times are local.



Transfer from Keflavik to Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik. Expected arrival 1½-2 hours after landing. Check-in at Hotel Cabin.




Tuesday 07-02

08:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Breakfast buffet at top floor of Hotel Cabin serving freshly baked bread, crisp bread, preserve(s), fruit, eggs, ham, cheese, coffee, tea and juice.


09:00 AM

Briefing on Kiermeet2002 trip.


10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Sightseeing with guide in Reykjavik and environs, the northernmost capital in Europe where more than half of the Icelandic population lives. We will see various sides of Reykjavik – the modern – the historic – the cultural as well as trade and the fishing industry. Not forgetting nature, no other capital can show breeding grounds for sea swallows and a salmon river.


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Lunch on your own.


2:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Departure for the Blue Lagoon, arrival approx. 45 min later. 1½ hour’s stay will allow a relaxing swim in the lagoon. It has varying depths, no edges and no sudden deep areas. It gives space to both small children and those who want to swim in the hot water. You cannot see the bottom as the water is milky white and filled with minerals. You will find buckets with mineral mud to apply on your skin. You will also find a steam bath. In the service area you will find a café, a kiosk and a souvenir shop. Swimsuits and towels are for rent.

Departure from the Blue Lagoon at 5:15 PM – arrival at Hotel Cabin 45 min. later.


6:00 PM

Evening and dinner on your own.




Wednesday 07-03

06:00 AM – 07:30 AM

Breakfast buffet at top floor of Hotel Cabin.


06:45 AM – 07:30 AM

Departure by bus for Reykjavik Domestic Airport.


07:00 AM – 08:00 AM

Check-in at 3 different flights with Flugfélag Island to Egilsstaðir


07:30 AM – 08:25 AM and 08:00 AM – 08:55 AM and 08:30 AM – 09:30 AM

With Flugfélag Island from Reykjavik Domestic Airport to Egilsstaðir. No serving on board. Times are approximate.

All day hosted by

To be determined

Transfer in Egilsstaðir to Hotel Edda ME, Hotel Hérad and Guesthouse Egilsstaðir.

local Kjerulfs

To be determined

Transfer from hotel to ferry.


To be determined

Cruise to Atlavik or Husatangi.


To be determined

Barbecue and entertainment hosted by local Kjerulfs.


To be determined

Sightseeing by bus in Flotsdalur visiting Kjerulf farms, churches, waterfalls and beautiful landscapes.


To be determined

Family dinner in Valaskjalf with entertainment, speeches, singing and dancing in the summer evening.





Thursday 07-04

08:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Breakfast at the hotel, Continental style.

Possibility of ordering lunch packets at the hotel in advance, ISK 1200 per person. (US$1 = ISK 100).


10:00 AM

Departure by coach to Kirkjubæjarklaustur approx. 440 km (275 m). Stops at Höfn in Hornafjördur – Jökulsárlón and Skaftafell National Park. Lunch at your own expense, e.g. lunch packets from hotel or lunch buffet at Hotel Vatnajökull in Höfn (price approx. ISK 1500-1700 per person). The coach takes us through different landscapes from the fertile landscape surrounding Lögurinn, across mountain passes into deep valleys and fjords. Farms and villages are often quite scattered. The stretch to Höfn is called Eastern Fjords. The road follows the coastline overlooking the deep blue sea and the rich birdlife. On the other side of the road there are tall and impassable mountains. On the mountain slope you will see green lush fields, farms, and vast areas with crowberry and bilberry bush. Some of the fjords and farms are hidden behind mountains and people living there will not see the sun for 2-3 months during wintertime. From Höfn to Kirkjubæjarklaustur the landscape is quite different. The road passes through sand plains and moss-covered lava plains and small agricultural areas. The sea is not visible but the view of mountains and glaciers is very impressive. The Jökulsár lagoon is like coming to another world, strange and fascinating. In the Skaftafell National Park you will find contrasts between fertile mountain sides, birches, purling creeks and birdlife to the ice, glaciers, plains and tall, steep mountains with pointed peaks.


6:00 PM

Check-in at Hotel Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Hotel Edda.


7:30 PM –

8:00 PM

Two-course dinner at Hotel Kirkjubæjarklaustur – beverages at your own expense. After dinner you may want to be active in the light northern summer night, e.g. take a walk etc.




Friday 07-05

08:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Breakfast at the hotel, Continental style. Possibility of ordering lunch packets at the hotel in advance, ISK 1200 per person.



At your disposal, e.g. riding Icelandic horses, visiting a glacier etc. Lunch at your own expense, e.g. lunch packets from hotel.


1:00 PM –

6:00 PM

Departure by coach to Hvolsvöllur with sight-seeing approx. 160 km (100 m). We continue through lava and sand plains which gradually transform into grass fields and farmland. We stop at the village Vik in Myrdal and the rock Dyrhólaey


 We come close to an incredible birdlife of puffins, sea gulls and sea swallows. They have their breeding grounds on the tall cliffs. The view is breathtaking. In the horizon 60 km (35 m) away you can see the Vestmanna Islands. The coastline is an infinite beach of black lava sand. We continue through beautiful farmland. The Atlantic Ocean comes closer and you can faintly see the coast on one side and on the other side you see the most marvellous rockwalls forming the setting for the farmhouses we pass. We then explore the waterfalls of Skogarfoss and Seljalandsfoss. The landscape changes again. We continue through flat farmland with a panorama to the north of mountains approx. 60 km (35 m) away where the Hekla volcano (1491 m – 926 ft) rises as a queen.


6:00 PM

Check-in at Hotel Hvolsvöll, Guesthouse Ásgardur, Guesthouse Husid



Evening and dinner on your own, e.g. restaurant at the hotel, pizzeria, fast food, grill/kiosk.







Saturday 07-06

07:00 AM – 09:00 AM

Breakfast at the hotel, Continental style. Possibility of ordering lunch packets at the hotel in advance, ISK 1300 per person.

Guests in the guesthouses make their own lunch packets (to be ordered in advance), ISK 70-90 per person.



09:00 AM –

5:00 PM

Departure by coach to Gullfoss – Geysir – Thingvellir – Nesjavellir - Reykjavik. We continue through flat farmland of grass fields, potato fields, grain fields and greenhouses. Icelandic sagas, Vikings, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hot springs and geothermal heat are factors forming a natural part of the area. We stop at Geysir and put a new roll in the camera. If we are lucky the famous Geysir will spout just as impressively as the hyperactive Strokkur. On the fringe of the highland we find the gigantic Gullfoss waterfall, always beautiful and noisy. At the historically famous place, Thingvellir, it is easy to imagine the Vikings and later big farmers conducting sessions during the period 930-1798. You find ruins and stones with runic letters, dates and names. Those interested in geology find Thingvellir very interesting as you easily can see the continental shift in the shaping of the landscape. Nesjavellir geothermal power plant is owned by the City of Reykjavik and produces hot water for heating of the city.



5:00 PM

Check-in at Hotel Cabin.


7:00 PM

Bus to Restaurant Naustid.


7:30 PM –

Family dinner at Restaurant Naustid - beverages at your own expense.


10:30 PM – 11:30 PM

Bus from Restaurant Naustid to Hotel Cabin.




Sunday 07-07

08:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Farewell breakfast at top floor of Hotel Cabin.


09:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Checkout of Hotel Cabin.


10:30 AM – 11:15 AM

Transfer to Keflavik Airport.


1:10 PM –6:10 PM

Flight Keflavik (Iceland) to Copenhagen (Denmark), flying time 3h00 – time difference 2 hours – all times are local.

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Explore the Icelandic family tree here: Icelandic Family

You can explore photos taken during Kiermeet2002 here (click on picture):

Kiermeet2002 was covered by the largest newspaper in Iceland (click on piture to explore):

The Kiermeet committees in Denmark and Iceland who were responsible for Kiermeet2002:

Danish Kiermeet Committee

From left: Hans Kierulff-Hansen, Ray Kjærulff, Kirsten Kierulff-Hansen, Annette Kjærulff, Marianne Kierulff, Helle Kjærulff, Fin Kierulff, Flemming Kjærulff


Icelandic Kiermeet Committee

From left: Sigurdur Eiriksson Kjerulf, Jon Larus Kjerulf, Einar Thorvardarson

In front: Vilborg J. Kjerulf, Gudrun M. Kjerulf

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