KIERMEET 2010 - California

July 17 - 25, 2010


Kjærulfs from California and the rest of the world met for a few inspiring days with the common feature that we are all related to each other.




Kjærulf's gathered in Solvang, California

Pictures from Hearst Castle, Family Dinner in Solvang and Universal Studios, LA


This is a video clip from Kiermeet in California 1986 where the first Kiermeet was held:


Click on arrow to play - right click and choose zoom to get full screeen (fuld skærm) - Esc to exit


Kiermeet 2010 Committee


Non-profit event.




July 17



Los Angeles

Arrive Los Angeles on own arrangements




July 18



Los Angeles

Breakfast at hotel

City Tour of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica

with English speaking tour guide


July 19



Los Angeles

Breakfast at hotel

Universal Studios Tour (Entrance fees included)


July 20




July 20












Santa Barbara















Breakfast at hotel

Drive via Santa Monica and Malibu to Santa Barbara

City Tour of Santa Barbara before continuing to Solvang


Family Reunion dinner at hotel



July 21








San Simeon






Breakfast at hotel

Morning departure to San Simeon
Hearst Castle visit in San Simeon (Entrance fees included)


July 22














San Francisco







Breakfast at hotel
Continue to San Francisco
San Francisco from the Marin Headlands, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground

July 23


San Francisco

Breakfast at hotel

Day tour to Muir Woods and Sausalito



July 24


San Francisco

Breakfast at hotel

Day on your own in San Francisco

Evening Farewell Dinner


July 25


San Francisco Breakfast at hotel
Depart San Francisco on own arrangements
Transfer to airport on own arrangements


Cap Kierulff's Keynote Speech at Kiermeet-2010 Family Dinner in Solvang, California:

“Welcome to California to All You Good Kjaerulfs out there!.”

Isn’t it Wonderful that we can come together like this every 4 Kiermeet Years!

We are 18th 19th 20th Generation Kjaerulff cousins
who date back 600 years to our one common Danish ancestor = Anders Wolf!

Let’s take a look at how I got born 91 years ago
way out here in California = some 6,000 miles away from Denmark..

I, Cap Kierulff, and my father, were “both” born in Calif, he 118 years ago!

So let’s just keep carrying this bit of Genealogy back 6 or 7 more Generations!

My Grandfather was born in the Danish West Indies as the 11th child of my Great-Grandfather who was sent to DWI by the Danish King to be Consul-General to the Governor-General of these Islands, at the same time as the King sent a Kierulf to be Danish-Consul in the Philippine Islands.

Incidentally, if my Great-Grandfather had stopped fathering Kids after his 10th , I would not be speaking with you tonight! But let’s continue with the Genealogy. My Great-Grandfather was born in Christianland at the Southern tip of Norway, a town originated 6 generations previously by King Christian II of Denmark when he sent a group of Kierulffs to be administrators of Norway, then ruled by Denmark.

So the path of my personal ancestors looks like this = from Denmark to Norway to Danish West Indies to America to California! And all of this good information is spelled out in our 11,000 Kjaerulf listings posted in our Family-Tree on

Now back to the present. What became of all those 11 DWI Kierulff Kids? Well, as they grew up in those Islands some 200 years ago, a new country was born just North of them, the Republic of America, the United States of America.

And the father of those Kids told them there was no future for them on DWI and they should seek their fortune by going to the new USA, which most all of them did, and that is why I was born in California!!!

Now, I want to make “two” Special Presentations. Louie & Ray, will you both please come up here!

First, I must tell all of you that Louie Kierulf is the “KING of our Tote Bags & everything in them!” This wouldn’t be a “complete” Kiermeet without out Tote Bags! Louie “planned & produced” every single item in them & every single-page in our 48-page Kiermeet Programme just as he did 4 years ago in the Philippines!

Louie = Thanks a Million from each & everyone of us. Here is a small Plaque that says we Appreciate your tremendous Accomplishment. We are forever in your debt!

Second, where would we be without the year’s-long efforts of our Int’l Kiermeet Committee Chairman, Ray Kjærulff, who has produced our Kiermeets for many years ? Words fail me in expressing my appreciation for the work Ray must do in being sure everything is “just-right” for our extreme pleasure on these Wonderful Family Reunions!

When I was in Oslo, Norway at Kiermeet-1998, I was presented a Beautiful Brass Plaque by Hans Kierulff-Hansen in remembrance of the work I did in founding our Kiermeets in 1986.

This is a Replica of the one posted in 1990 by 200 Kjaerulfs
onto the 600-year-old original Anders Kjaerulf building in northern Denmark.

It is my Pleasure to pass this Copy along to Ray (Kjærulff) in grateful recognition
of his good work on behalf of all of us here tonight.