The Kjærulf Family Tree

The story of the Kjærulf family tree is an exciting one of Kjærulfs noting down facts already from around 1600. Since then the family tree has been documented quite well.

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Kjærulf genealogy

The Kjærulf family has been described by a number of persons over the years. The most well known books are written by the following amateur geneaologists:


1) Bertel Kjærulf (1582 - 1672): not published.

He lived in Aslund, Kjær Herred. He was very interested in the Kjærulf genealogi and he wrote comprehensively about the Kjærulf family and knew quite a bit about the Clements War (fejde) (1533 - 1535).


2) Farmer Peder Laursen Dyrskjøt (1630-1707): not published.

He was a Kjærulf on his mother's side and his daughter married a Kjærulf. He knew Bertel Kjærulf personally and continued his work. He wrote two "books": "the large book" and " the small book" about the Kjærulf family.



3) Retired postmaster Carl Klitgaard (1868-1957): "Kjærulffske Studier", in Danish published 1914. 502 pages.

He used the material gathered  by Bertel Kjærulf and Peder Laursen Dyrskjøt and studied several other sources when he wrote his book.His original handwritten manuscript and his supporting material is kept in the town of Viborg (Viborg Landsarkiv, Håndskriftsamlingen reg. nr. H1(10)-5).


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The book been translated into English by Anders Kjærulff-Knudsen (living in Hillerød, Denmark) and Erik Karoll (used to live near Los Angeles, USA). Translating the book was a big task being done in their spare time. The translation was not completed fully before Erik Karoll died in September 2005. Some minor fine tuning is still needed to make it complete but you can now enjoy the Kjærulf family story in English as it looked in 1914.


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4) Charles Taylor Kierulff: "Twentieth Century Kjaerulfs",
In English published 1986. 432 pages.

Charles Taylor "CAP" Kierulff 1919-2014 lived in Los Angeles, USA. For many years Cap collected pages from telephone books from all over the world. All the pages carried telephone numbers of Kjærulfs. When retired in 1982 Cap decided to systematise the information on Kjærulfs he had gathered and contact Kjærulfs around the globe. This led to his publishing of the genealogical book "Twentieth Century Kjaerulfs" in 1986. The book builds on Klitgaards book from 1914 and contains more than 8,000 Kjærulf names from at least 600 years back until now. By August 2003 the registered number of Kjærulfs in the genealogic database of Cap Kierulff were approx. 10,800. Caps updated his book until he died in 2014.


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5) Raymond Christian Kjærulff: "Inspiration til kjærulfforskningen”

1998 in Danish, not published. 49 pages.

Raymond was born in 1946 and has a University degree of Master of Arts. He has taken a critical look on the research done by Klitgaard and others and made further research into the family history. The questions raised could become an inspiration for anyone who would make further studies of the Kjærulf family. Click here to retrieve a copy of his work in pdf.




Kjærulfs from the past (click to enlarge)

Victor & Andrea Kjærulff (TCK-180) celebrating their 50th anniversary 1936

with children and grandchildren (TCK-180+181)